Month: January 2011

EYouNeedToBlog – or that’s how it felt…

So, here we are on my blog that I got talked into making.
You can see who I am on my wiki page, but here A short introduction:

I’m Philip Muskovac, currently 24, and a Kubuntu Fan. I started using linux a while ago with Suse 9.1 and switched to Ubuntu with 7.10 spending some time on Gnome until I went back to KDE once 4.3 came out. I’ve been in the Ubuntu BugSquad for a while now, test the development releases and became part of the (shh don’t tell anyone) famous Kubuntu Ninjas a while ago.

This blog will be about my daily life with Kubuntu, the development and some other linux things I come across. You’ll notice a few posts about Project Neon too which are KDE daily buils for Kubuntu that me, Rohan Garg and Michał Zając have resurrected. I’ll leave it at that for now and start actually working on my first real blog post 🙂