Project Neon 2011-05 summary

So here’s the first post of hopefully monthly summaries of what’s happening in the KDE trunk daily builds for Kubuntu a.k.a Project Neon.
Those that don’t know yet what Project Neon is should read Michal’s introductory post.

An important notice up front:
We will stop providing builds for maverick as of June 2nd. Everyone that wants to use KDE trunk should update. We’ll start providing builds for oneiric the same day.

A note to all Kubuntu users that want to try 4.7: Due to the new release layout from the KDE team the official 4.7 packages won’t be available before beta2 at least. For those that still want to try it: Try Project Neon! Our packages will provide you with 4.7 at least until 4.7RC1.

Updates for users:

– The apport hook actually became useful so we would appreciate it if you could use apport if you find a bug that’s our fault. Bugs in KDE still go to the KDE Bugzilla.
– The neon-clean script from project-neon-utils now removes packages by default instead of purging them. Use –purge if you want the packages purged.
– The XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable is set by default now on login. This doesn’t seem to cause any problems anymore and completes the user configuration separation.
– The neonbuid script got an –upgrade option so you can easily upgrade your neon pbuilder image to your current release.
– Rohan Garg started working on a project-neon-calligra package.
– The packages don’t build tests anymore. They break too often with our linker settings in Kubuntu making builds fail that would work fine otherwise.

Team stuff:

– I added a to lp:project-neon so there’s an easy way to get all of the teams branches now. Creates checkouts of all packaging branches by default.
– I outsourced some of the packaging settings to pkg-project-neon-tools so changing the build environment will be easier in the future when necessary.

If you have questions or just want to tell us how you are using Project Neon feel free to leave us a note on IRC in

Project Neon


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