Month: July 2011

Project Neon 2011-06 summary

With a 2 day delay since I was busy with the KDE 4.7 packaging for Kubuntu, here’s the June summary of the KDE trunk daily builds for Kubuntu a.k.a Project Neon. This is also my first post to the KDE Planet, so hello folks!
Those that don’t know yet what Project Neon is should read Michal’s introductory post.


Updates for Users:

  • We suspended the builds for maverick now that natty has been out for a while, so remember to upgrade if you haven’t done that yet. At the same time we enabled the oneiric builds, which should work fine except for networkmanager whose master branch can’t work with Network Manager 0.9 yet.
  • Rohan Garg finished project-neon-calligra which you can now find in our PPA.
  • I fixed a bug in the neonbuild script where –upgrade would remove the PPA entry from the sources.list requiring you to re-create the base.tgz.
  • I uploaded modified assuan packages so project-neon-kdepim is now installable in both natty and oneiric. (Was necessary due to a bug in Launchpad’s dependency resolver)
  • project-neon-phonon currently builds without qzeitgeist support since it’s causing a build failure in oneiric.
  • I did some work on project-neon-qtscriptgenerator in an attempt to finally get amarok builds, but it’s still not done due to a build failure I can’t quite track down.
  • kcheckpass and kppp got SUID bits set. With this you can actually login again after you locked your session and use a dialup connection.
  • kdegraphics was removed from the PPA and replaced project-neon-okular was added. The last package missing from kdegraphics is mobipocket which is on the TODO list.
  • Permission issues with the akonadi apparmor profile where fixed which made akonadi unable to access the mysqld database.


Team stuff:

  • Most of the build makefile was moved to in pkg-project-neon-tools to make updating the build environment easier. Refer to rules in the dummy-ubuntu branch for the new syntax.
  • I added a script in lp:project-neon/tools to make it easier to get to the package build logs from the PPA.
  • I added an –update option to so you can update existing branches while fetching new ones and fixed some minor glitches.
  • The CIA bzr hook now shows the full branch link for bound branches instead of just the branch nick.


If you have questions or just want to tell us how you are using Project Neon feel free to leave us a note on IRC in

Project Neon