Month: September 2011

Project Neon 2011-08 summary

Desktop Summit passed pretty fast, the rest of August even faster and so we have here the August summary of the KDE trunk daily builds for Kubuntu a.k.a Project Neon. This month turned out to be rather busy and resulted in finally working amarok builds beside other things 😀
Those that don’t know yet what Project Neon is should read Michal’s introductory post.


Updates for Users:

  • Qtscriptgenerator was fixed, so about a year after starting to resurrect this project we finally have builds for Amarok in Project Neon, hurray 😀
  • The neonkwin wrapper for kwin that wasn’t used for quite a while was completely removed.
  • Daily builds for prison were added so QRCode support in kde works again
  • neon-env now runs kbuildsycoca4 when initializing the environment. This fixes some of the issues people had when running a neon application from the stable KDE session after installing it due to the cache being out of date.
  • kdeutils and kdeaccessibility were removed from the build list now that they moved to git, but the new packages aren’t completely done yet.


Team stuff:

  • split kdeutils and kdeaccessibility packages are on the TODO list.
  • Thanks to jelmer we should be able to import non-master git branches on launchpad soon


If you have questions or just want to tell us how you are using Project Neon feel free to leave us a note on IRC in

Project Neon