Project Neon 2012 Summer update

Hi! With almost a year delay as life was pretty good at distracting me, here’s a short heads up on what we’ve been doing.
Those that don’t know yet what Project Neon is should read Michal’s introductory post.



  • Oneiric builds have been suspended and the packages will be removed in a week. If you want to continue to use Project Neon please upgrade to Precise Pangolin
  • As of today Project Neon is fully running for Quantal Quetzal, enjoy your daily dose of builds on the devel release
  • We now have pre-built KVM Images for Project Neon so you don’t need to separately install Kubuntu first before using it!
  • As people keep asking for it, we’re working on the Python bindings (pykde4). As this requires more work than I initially hoped it will take a while until we’re done. You’ll hear from me again once you can use them.


If you have questions or just want to tell us how you are using Project Neon feel free to leave us a note on IRC in

Project Neon


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