Project Neon updates and early St. Nicholas’ Day

It’s been a while since my last post, which is mostly because not much has happenend in neon lately as it’s running mostly by itself and life is keeping me busy. I originally intended to write a post when I’m done with the python bindings, but it turnes out that configuring SIP and dbus right takes more time than I could spare for neon lately. So here goes:

  • Builds for Kubuntu Raring are up, so enjoy your daily dose of KDE on the dev release!
  • Precise builds will be kept running until 4.10 RC1, after that please upgrade to Quantal if you wish to use neon.
  • Following that, the VM images are now based on Quantal.
  • Sadly not much progress on the python bindings. All of us are rather short on time lately thanks to kubuntu and real life.

If you have questions or just want to tell us how you are using Project Neon feel free to leave us a note on IRC in – we would be very happy to hear from you!


On the second topic:
Nothing beats getting home from a tiring day at work and finding presents waiting for you at home!
Thanks Jonathan for the Kubuntu shirt 😀


3 thoughts on “Project Neon updates and early St. Nicholas’ Day

  1. Why are there no Beta 1 and 2 builds for Quantal? Project Neon is neat for developing stuff, testing and getting a little insight into future KDE development but for real testing from normal users the beta backports ppa is crucial, especially since in Neon various stuff such as dbus is broken. By the time the RC1 is out there is little we can fix and/or change till the final release is out.

    1. We’re a bit short on manpower and getting beta1 to build in raring had a higher priority than backporting it. Beta2 is almost done and we’ll backport that ASAP. It should be out over the weekend so people still have a week to test before RC1

  2. Hi. I would like to use Project Neon Daily with VirtualBox. I did used to until about October when it stopped working. The message is something like ‘Fatal. No bootable medium found’. It works with KVM but this is too slow for me, and surely one of the most important things to test is Kwin compositing?

    The error happens whether I convert the image to .vdi or just use the qcow2 file.

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